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Horizon Forbidden West promises to be greedy for the SSD of your PS5


Another game of substantial size for the SSD of your PS5. While we are still trying to digest the weight of GT7, it’s Horizon Forbidden West’s turn to display its curves.

There are a few more! I still put it to you?

A line you only thought you’d hear from your favorite butcher? Well sony takes up the adage on its own account.

While we told you that Gran Turismo 7 would probably reach the 100 GB on your hard drive brand new. We learn this time that Horizon Forbidden West will take care of filling the remaining space.

Indeed, PlayStation Game Size Twitter account teaches us that the next adventures the Aloy will weigh 96.350 GBand this without counting on a possible day one patch.

So it’s time to clean up your SSDs by getting rid of superfluous things. Because as a reminder, Horizon Forbidden West is expected to February 18 on PS4 and PS5.

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Source: twitter.com

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