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Horizon Forbidden West reveals its cast with Carrie-Anne Moss (Matrix)


If Ashly Burch (Life is Strange) resumes her role of Aloy, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games have also called on Trinity. The other actors reveal themselves in a long video dedicated to them.

At this rate, we will perhaps end the week with a third unpublished news on Horizon Forbidden West which, twenty four hours after offering a new story trailer and a batch of images, decides to take an interest in behind the scenes via the actors of the game.

The teams were drawn from Hollywood to bring back Carrie-Anne Moss, the irreplaceable Trinity in the Matrix saga, who will be Tilda, a new key character of this sequel. In addition to this recruitment, there are also beautiful people, some of whom have already crossed heads in the previous part.

Here is the full list of voice actors/actors and their roles :

  • aloy embodied by Ashly Burch (Chloe from Life is Strange, Tina from Borderlands…)
  • Sylens embodied by Lance Reddick (The Wire, John Wick…)
  • Erend embodied by John Hopkins (Alice in Wonderland, by Tim Burton)
  • Varl embodied by John Macmillan (House of the Dragon, The Nevers)
  • Kotallo embodied by Noshir Dalal (Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding…)
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And you can find all those mentioned in a video “Behind the scenes of development: meet the actors”, which include excerpts from the title and sequences in situation during performance capture or voice recording sessions:

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