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Horizon Forbidden West: Seagate Unveils Official PlayStation Hard Drive


To surf on the success of Guerilla Games’ latest title, Horizon Forbidden West. Seagate and PlayStation are teaming up to release a new official hard drive for PS4 and PS5 in Aloy’s colors.

To increase the storage capacity of your PS4 and PS5, Seagate provides a hard drive (HDD) officially recognized by Sony InteRactive Entertainment. This one is available in two types of capacities, 2 TB and 4 TBat the respective rates of 99.99 euros and 149.99 euros.

In addition, to surf the launch of Horizon Forbidden West, Guerilla Games and Seagate have come together to offer a Hard Drive sporting the skin of its heroine, Aloy. And inevitably, if the capacity offered is a tad bigger, 2 TB and 5 TBthe price is also a little more expensive with respectively, 124.99 euros and 199.99 euros.

It is also important to remember that if you will increase the storage capacity, these hard drives do not allow you to “run” the games. It will first be necessary to transfer to your PS4 or PS5 to launch them.

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Besides, if you prefer opt for an internal SSDwe can only advise you to follow our tutorial.

Finally to finish, if you are interested, know that they will be soon available. Simply subscribe by following this link.

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