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Horizon Forbidden West straight into the top 5 PS5 games


The first opinions of the international press fell. On average, the game harvests around 9/10 on the best known sites. And on Metacritic, it already arrives in the top of the PS5.

Even though we didn’t score 21/20 with “forever in our hearts” on our test published this morning (much to the regret of several readers and Guerrilla Games – sorry, but we love you anyway!), Horizon Forbidden West is still a slap on the PS5 and should delight many players.

The national and international press is also quite rave on Monday, and according to the review aggregator site Metacritic, the game even comes to enter directly into the top 5 of the best PS5 games of all time (knowing that we are talking about all-time-since-2020 of course). The figure is based on 95 reviews of which 91 are clearly positive.

Aloy’s new adventures have been inserted on the same step as Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and others with a 89% average. This is a small point less than Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. The lead is still assured by the excellent Hades (93%) which is one of the few games to have had a 20/20 with us. You see that we know how to take note, sometimes…

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The Horizon Forbidden West ratings:

  • VGR – 17/20
  • JVFR – 10/10
  • VGC – 5/5
  • JV – 19/20
  • PSU – 9.5/10
  • Game Inform – 9.25/10
  • IGN- 9/10
  • Gameblog – 9/10
  • Gamespot- 8/10
  • Gamekult – 8/10
  • The Telegraph – 3/5 (no, you’re cheating bro)

Source: www.metacritic.com

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