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Horizon Forbidden West: The price of the PS5 version on the PS Store is in debate


The PS Store uses a particularly misleading policy with Horizon Forbidden West. The PS5 version is 10 euros more expensive compared to the PS4 version. For the same result.

You haven’t pre-ordered the latest title yet. Guerilla Games? it is a choice that is of course up to you. But if you want to go through the box PS Store to live the next Aloy’s adventures in Horizon Forbidden West, we advise you to choose your version carefully before proceeding to checkout. Rather judge.

The PS4 version offers the upgrade to the PS5 version at the price of 69.99 euroswhile PS5 version costs 79.99 euros, or 10 euros more. Indeed, this division of the offer can quickly lead to confusion, to the point that some have surely paid for the game “10 euros too much.”

As a reminder, PlayStation had announced that the upgrade to the PS5 version would cost 10 euros more, before retracting in front of the rumble of the players. Perhaps therefore a roundabout way of recovering the shortfall in confusing players.

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A practice that even caused a reaction Richard Hoeglawyer on behalf of Hoeg Law Attorneystating this:

Things like the “misleading” or “unfair” practices are always kind of in the eye of the beholder, so while I can say that i personally feel like something like this is over the line and looks misleading at first glance, I can’t guarantee that. But a regulator like the FTC or a judge would probably think the same.

Do you think this voluntary practice, or is it simply an error of the Japanese firm? Tell us in the comments.

Source: store.playstation.com

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