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Horizon Forbidden West will be very, very accessible


With a “game for all” perspective, Guerrilla has pulled out all the stops to make Horizon Forbidden West as accessible as possible.

Last straight line for the Playstation exclusivity, Horizon Forbidden West will be available from February 18 on PS5but the app will also have a PS4 version of which we have seen a glimpse quite recently.

No matter the version, Guerrilla intends to make its title as accessible as possible and offers for this a good package of customizable options.

A la carte difficulty

In addition to the usual subtitles (and associated options), tutorials and other in-game encyclopedias to help players, Horizon Forbidden West will feature a customizable difficulty choice (enemy damage, difficulty related to gameplay…) to make everyone agree. We can even go so far as to modify the gameplay, as for example with the loot. It will therefore be possible to opt for an “easy loot” option which will no longer require breaking pieces of machinery during fights to take advantage of the associated parts.

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We will also be able to opt for advanced aiming assistance options, to adjust the slow motion linked to the wheel of weapons to save time, to take advantage of an automatic sprint or even assistance in reading the terrain which will highlight all the hooks for climbing, for example. In short, it will be possible to be assisted on practically all points, or on the contrary, to be emancipated from any form of assistance.

Comfort options for all

Not only the gameplay can be completely changed, but the mapping of our keys as well as the audio and video settings too. There are even very rare features, designed for people with disabilities.

For example, it will be possible to activate a copilot optionmanageable with a second Dualsense, to be able to help the visually impaired, or even activate audio aids. In addition, the subtitles may also display aids for the hearing impaired.

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Finally, the keys can also be modulatedsuch as the essential X/Y axes, and it will be possible to control the vibrations and the force of the triggers of the Dualsensefor those who are embarrassed by the gadget.

Finally, audio adjustments can be made to attenuate certain frequencies, such as machinery sounds that may be uncomfortable for some people. And it will also be possible to skip Blur or camera shake for those who bother.

In sum, Horizon Forbidden West promises to be truly accessible to a very wide range of players. The game rises without difficulty alongside big apps that have already gone out of their way to make their experiences as comfortable as possible. We could for example cite The Last of Us 2 or Forza Horizon 5 which offers a translation in sign language.

In any case, we already welcome the initiative and we hope that this kind of practice will multiply in the future.

Source: blog.uk.playstation.com

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