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Horizon Forbidden West will not be able to supply all of its Regalla collectors


Bad news for those who pre-ordered the ultimate Horizon Forbidden West collector, your Regalla editions may never arrive.

If Horizon Forbidden West is doing well right now with its video presentations in the meantime its release set for February 18, Sony for its part has a small problem to support its exclusivity.

Indeed, the manufacturer has, it seems, been exceeded by the number of pre-orders of the Regalla collector’s editionthe ultimate version at €200 including many goodies including a reproduction of one of the most imposing machines in the game.

Many resellers have thus found themselves obliged to cancel pre-orders., and will certainly have to cancel others, since there are obviously supply problems in the upper echelons which prevent them from being honored. Suffice to say that the sauce is starting to rise for many collectors.

However, as Hamster Player states in his tweet, there is still some stock for the standard collector’s version of the softwarebut in our humble opinion it won’t take too long if you plan to take one.

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In any case, the game will arrive well on time. PS5 and PS4 within a few weeks.

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