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Housemarque (Returnal) is working on a new PS5 IP


The Finns are ready to go back to coal with an unreleased PlayStation 5 franchise that, today, is still in its infancy. The studio delivered the info during a recent interview.

Fortunately for players, Housemarque, the studio behind Returnal and many other games (Nex Machina, Resogun…), was able to survive and benefit from the support of Sony Interactive Entertainment. The developers were able to deliver a larger game, for a result that fully met expectations, as explained at length in our test.

Returnal page turns

After the critical and commercial success of the game, the teams revealed to VentureBeat to be on a new IP PS5:

…we are in the early stages of the design but we are working on a new title, a new IP. We’ll see what happens.

Source: venturebeat.com

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