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How licensing for Online Casinos in Canada Works in 2022

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Online casino licensing in Canada is regulated like in other parts of the world. As an online casino game enthusiast, to avoid breaking the law, you must know the operating law. This piece explains the Canadian regulatory situation, why online casinos are better than land casinos, trusted brands and their promotional offers, taxes, and online casino regulations in other countries.

Canada Online Casino Regulatory Overview

The Canadian Federal Government banned gambling in Canada, with an exception. The law allows Provinces to carry out and regulate gambling in their states. Consequently, the States set up bodies to manage the betting game. In Ontario, the gambling regulator is the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Similarly, Quebec and British Columbia set up the Lotto Quebec and British Columbia lottery corporation.

How the Canadian betting Law was Implemented

The state’s Lottery Commission cannot carry out gambling businesses, so they registered local casino operators and software game developers. The law deems The Ontario Gaming Corporation as the operator of all land casinos, online casino, and gaming services with the power to register i-Gaming services. For instance, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) registers various gaming providers in that state. It also registers philanthropic organizations to provide gambling services.

Present Regulatory Activities of Betting Law in Ontario

Offshore casino operators cashed in on a loophole in the gambling law to provide top-range casino and sports betting services for Canadians over the internet. In 2021, the Ontario gaming authority revamped more inclusive i-Gaming Laws for private casino operators. These private companies must get a license from AGCO and i-Gaming Ontario it’s a subsidiary company. Casino providers must pay 20% of total revenue to AGCO through i-Gaming Ontario.

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Why are online casinos better than land casinos?

Land casinos provide gambling services in physical buildings, restaurants, and hotel rooms. Online casinos are on the web. Advantages of online casinos over land-based casinos include.

Easy access and availability

Access to play in an online casino is simple through your smartphone or desktop computer. You don’t need to visit them personally like land-based casinos. Besides, most online casino websites are alluring and optimized making browsing enjoyable, with diverse games that load fast and are available for you to play 24/7.

Safety and Privacy

Land casinos are open to all types of people. Some players may be dangerous criminals who may rob you of your winnings. In online casinos, you can withdraw your winnings and transfer the same to your bank account or e-wallet. Funding an account by debit, credit cards, or funds transfer is easy.

Huge Game Options, Betting limit, Bonuses, and Promotions

Land-based casinos offer players limited game choices, but online casinos offer players an unlimited assortment of modern, exciting game types. Land casinos betting limits are high and provide limited bonuses and promotions. However, online casinos offer lower betting limits and offer new players casino bonuses and free spins. No deposit casinos allow you to play without making any deposit. Online casinos provide seasonal promotions for their players and VIP programs for loyal players.

Trusted brands and their promotional offers

The i-Gaming and casino service provision business is competitive. Hence, trusted brands provide top promotional offers for players. Here are a few.

Betway Online Casino

Betway is a European-owned international casino and gaming, service provider. Promotions for players include a 100 percent deposit match of about $1,000. Play on its website, and mobile app on Android and iOS. Its extensive gaming library depends on the country you are playing.

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BetMGM Casino

You can get a good deal when you sign up—a 100 percent deposit match of about $1,000, including a $25 free play. You can play live dealer blackjack, poker, slots, and table games plus fast deposit and withdrawal methods.

Bet365 Online Casino

Bet365 like Betway is a reputable European gaming provider. It offers players a live sports book, an online casino with a 100% deposit match up to $1,000 for first-time sign-up. Their game library is impressive with different slot machines. Play online on Android and iOS devices.

Online casino taxes and regulations in other countries

Regulations for obtaining a gambling license and taxes in various countries differ. In some countries, gambling is banned and in others, laws are strict. Casino and internet gaming operators pay tax on profit, and players pay tax on their winnings. Players and casino operators want places to pay lower taxes. See the status of the following countries.


Malta enacted its first gambling law to regulate lotto in 1922. The regulating authority that issue gambling license is the Lotteries and Gaming Authority. Land and online casinos pay about 46,000 Euros for licenses and fifteen to forty percent tax of their total profit.


UK Gambling Authority regulates gambling in the UK, whose gambling act was enacted in 1968. Online casinos became regulated in 2005. Casino service providers pay a tax of 2.5 to 40 percent of their total profit.

Finally, some countries, where players don’t pay tax out of their winnings include Austria, Australia and Belgium, Finland, and more.

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