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HunterX: the new metroidvania welcomed by the Switch


Notice to all metroidvania fans who own a Switch, HunterX will soon set foot on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Released on April 29, this Korean production signed Orange Popcorn plunges you into a labyrinthine world full of demonic creatures to defeat. To do this, many weapons are at your disposal as well as devastating occult powers. However, it’s not just a matter of pressing the same button over and over to defeat your opponents. The software offers above all a wide range of fighting styles with various possible combinations of keyswhich offers a more technical game experience.

Demons are coming to Switch

That being said, while the game didn’t make a huge splash, it did win over its small audience, landing a “rather positive” average on Steam. And precisely, a good news is waiting for the community, since From July 7, HunterX will be exported to Nintendo Switch. A strategy that should undoubtedly allow the software to attract a little more light on him.

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If however you do not want to wait, do not forget that the game is already available on PC. A 15% discount is offered for all those who buy it on Steam before the release day.

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