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id Software (Quake, Doom) seems to be working on a new AAA game


After a last opus around the Doom Slayer in Doom Eternal released on the new-gen last year, id Software could be at work on a new episode of its saga, or on a Quake.

Pioneer of 3D in video games and creator of the modern FPS (hence the expression Doom-like that only old people like me still use), iD Software is still in vogue today on its two flagship licenses (Doom and Quake)since the acquisition by ZeniMax in 2009.

Within Microsoft studios, the developer didn’t seem to have any projects in the works since 2020’s DOOM Eternal, released last year on PS5 and Xbox Series. But a new job offer has been published on the parent company’s website. According to the description, iD Software recruits a combat director with knowledge in the Doom universe for a new game.

This future AAA is an FPS with “well-balanced, high-quality first-person combat and engaging gameplay.” As a reminder, last March, id Software confirmed that Doom Eternal was the last story in the Slayer arc but “not the last Doom”. The game director confirmed as follows:

In this universe, there are so many games to play. So no, it’s not the end of Doom, it’s the end of the Doom Slayer saga. But you know, he’s basically immortal and there’s a lot of other things we can do in this universe that we’ve created.

Many people are now hoping for a new opus of Quake… or why not a return to the Wolfenstein license, whose 3rd opus is normally in the pipes of MachineGames?

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