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ILL, a new survival horror à la The Thing, but in much more gore


Presented at this year’s Future Games Show, the survival horror ILL reveals a bit of gameplay and shows us above all its disgusting monsters. There are no other words.

Funded through the Patreon platform, ILL is the very crappy project of the Russian studio Clout Games. A survival horror that promises to harm the human body.

ILL pushes the concept of gore and grotesque to its maximum

Developed under Unreal Engine 5 now, ILL will rely above all on its atmosphere and its graphic rendering. The studio ensures that the software will carry with it new technologies allowing in particular realistic dismemberments and transformations as violent as detailed. It is also some of them that we see in this new presentation of the soft video.

Sort of pile of human flesh fused with body parts, the creatures are as fascinating as they are unsavory. It obviously immediately brings to mind the creature from The Thing, and it is enough to take a look at the official Twitter from the studio to see that this is indeed the case and that the artists at work on the software do not lack imagination. Sensitive souls abstain, we will have warned you. In any case, the monsters that we will come across promise to be as filthy as they are disturbing.

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ILL is expected on PC at an undetermined date and consoles are not yet affected.

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