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Images of Yakuza 8 are revealed


Yakuza 8 has revealed some images about it. But, surprisingly, Sega seems to have left the communication to an MMA star.

It is to a video of the fighter from MMA Mikuru Asakurarelayed by Famitsu, which we owe the very first images of the next Yakuza.

First images of Yakuza?

A fan of Sega’s saga, Asakura was invited to tour the studio, primarily to be modeled in the upcoming game. And, during his visit, guided by the president Haruki Satomi, the camera that accompanied him apparently highlighted a scene from the next title in the series as well as several visuals. However, we will have to wait to see more. In any case, from the elements shown by the lens, it appears that the characters of the seventh Yakuza, Like a Dragon: Yu Namba, Yoichi Adachi or Ichiban Kasuga who seems to have left his afro, will return..

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During a discussion with the MMA star, we even learn a little more. First of all, the studio is also working on another as yet unannounced project. And then, the exchanged propros allowed to reveal another detail about this next Yukaza 8. The title, which should still contain turn-based combat, would also offer a new city to players.

We will wait before knowing more. But, for the moment, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can already approach 3 Yakuza.

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