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improved Ray Tracing on PS5 and Xbox Series coming soon? News @VGR


A recent update to the new gen version of GTA 5 on PC reveals that ray tracing improvements are in the works.

After almost 10 years of existence, GTA 5 has given itself a third youth on PS5, Xbox Series and PC a few weeks ago. It is moreover an update of this version which revealed that more visual improvements may be coming soon.

Real ray tracing soon on consoles and pc?

If Ray Tracing is present on consoles and PC, it is nevertheless incomplete and cannot offer fine management of ambient occlusion or reflections as is.

Only here, shortly after the deployment of the last patch, fans searched the game folders and noticed that new files “Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion” and “Ray Traced Reflection Occlusion” had been added. As indicated by their name, the latter are supposed to increase the performance of Ray Tracingtaking care of ambient occlusion and reflections.

Although such options are still disabled despite the presence of the files, these additions imply that Rockstar is currently working on new visual optimizations for its new version of GTA 5. And PCists are often the first served in this kind of situation, the PS5 and Xbox Series versions may well follow suit once the studio has finished refining the PC version, especially since the latter already offer a bit of Ray Tracing as we noted in our test.

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Source: www.dualshockers.com

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