Home News In three weeks, Abandoned will have abandoned us (again)

In three weeks, Abandoned will have abandoned us (again)


Abandoned was to unveil “soon” a “technical demo” then, finally, the Prologue, the first part of the game on PS5. But the studio has not communicated officially since December.

So Abandoned, what’s up? Nothing. Definitely, and as often: nothing. Considered by many gamers to be a vast prank, Blue Box Game Studios’ game seems since its reveal take the same turn as the developer’s other productionsnamely an ad that drags on to the point of dying on its own.

After having made many parallels with Kojima and then having defended himself from raising the sauce by making believe in a link with Silent Hill, after having pushed back his PS5 app, after again teasing a huge revelation that turned into a monumental flopafter finally standing up for his community several times, Abandoned seems set to repeat the feat.

When will the Prologue and tech demo be released?

The official account, which loses a few hundred followers each month, limits tweets, just like its discreet leader Hassan Kahraman, tired of taking volleys of green wood but above all unjustifiable threats. A constant pressure which had finally been released by the announcement of a Prologue. This one could have come out on 1 february but today is March 10, and he still isn’t here.

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We can still hope to see something before the end of March. Indeed, in a final precision, the founder of the studio took advantage of Christmas night to very officially unveil a release in the 1st quarter of 2022 for the Prologue, the first part of the game Abandoned. As a result, this means that the “technical demo” planned upstream due out in the next 3 weeks to be on time too…

The official website, which was to be used to get closer to the community and give regular updates on the progress of the game, has not been updated since November 23, 2021, always with a direct link to the PS5 app page and the mention “Coming soon”. We will not talk about the so-called leaks discovered on Reddit, obviously sent by the member of a secret group of game testers in discussion with Hassan. If the images are real, the game turns out to be very pretty for a 2006 release.

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