Home News INDIA BROK The InvestiGator is postponed to 2022

INDIA BROK The InvestiGator is postponed to 2022


One year after the release of the free Prologue on Steam, the developer of BROK announces the postponement of the full game for 2022. To be forgiven, a new video is shown.

The little indie game BROK the InvestiGator, which we supported when it launched on Kickstarter in 2021 will not be finished by the end of the year. Its developer indicated that he needed a little more time to polish this point & click / beat’em up for investigation in a light cyberpunk universe.

It will therefore be necessary wait until 2022 to see it on PC. Ideally, the game should also eventually be ported to all consoles. While waiting for more information, a new trailer was unveiled, and which recalls that the prologue of the game, in free access, has already been available for a year on Steam.

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