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Insurmountable prepares its version 2.0


ByteRockers’ Games’ roguelike will evolve next month with some improvements and more content.

Released at the end of April 2021, the roguelike Insurmountable announces the arrival of its version 2.0 for the April 14, 2022date on which the game, only available on Steam for now, will also be offered on GOG and the Epic Games Store.

ByteRockers’ Games and Daedelic Entertainment have indeed revealed that their title ofclimbing high mountain peaks where death awaits you at every moment, getting ready to welcome new side missions and a whole new story.

Insurmountable asks you to choose between 3 climbers to get you startedclimb 3 mountains by monitoring your character’s vital signs to keep him alive. And between each mountain, the objects and improvements acquired are kept, the objective being to reach the last summit without dying. And it’s neither the dynamic weathernor the day/night cycle where the multitude ofrandom events which will make your job easier.

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With version 2.0, once this “main mission” is accomplished, 10 to 12 “side missions” will now be waiting for you at the base where you can prepare and choose your equipment and permanent upgrades thanks to the rewards obtained. The life of the game has therefore been increased to take into account the advantages that can be acquired in secondary missions.

What’s more, dialogues will allow to do advance the story where the three characters find themselves stuck in a time loop caused by the research station serving as their base. And they must manage to escape by piercing the mysteries that surround them. Individual stories will disappear.

Other changes will also be made to the game, among which we can note procedurally generated maps which will allow you to climb a greater variety of mountainsa new tracking goal essential to fulfill a mission, a improved tutorialor balance and skills which have been reviewed.

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