Home News IO Interactive is hiring even more for its unannounced projects

IO Interactive is hiring even more for its unannounced projects


The studios of IO Interactive (Hitman, Project 007) continue the recruitment for an undisclosed title which could be the medieval-fantasy MMO for the Xbox, Project Dragon. And even more?

IO Interactive, the studio in charge of the Hitman franchise, is still recruiting staff for a new, unannounced project. The info can be found on the career site of the company, where this unknown title had already been discovered several times last year, just like that on James Bond. Among the new open positions, precisely, we discover three titles: Hitman, Project 007 and this “Unannounced Project”.

Looking at the offers in a little more detail, IO is now even moving forward “unannounced projects that will arrive soon”, in the plural therefore. The great recruitment period is therefore still not over, after very important signings for the studio.

According to rumors and a few tidbits gleaned from offers since last year, it should be this famous multiplayer oriented game already teased exactly a year ago. According to many, its codename is Project Dragon, one of many exclusive projects for the Xbox, a med-fan RPG for 2023 or 2024.

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