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Is Gran Turismo 7 really better than before? News @VGR


Gran Turismo celebrates its 25th anniversary and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, but nothing beats the proof by the images.

We obviously suspect it and it would have been tragic if it had been otherwise, but thegraphic evolution of Gran Turismo is far from negligible.

Thus, if the first opus launched in 1997 could have dazzled us at the time, its pixelated graphics don’t seem so realistic today.

Compared to Gran Turismo 7 which will be released on March 4 on PS4 and PS5which will be the franchise’s first foray into the new generation of Playstation, they inevitably seem very simplistic.

Polyphony Digital is having fun on Twitter at compare the two versions with the Castrol Tom’s Supraand the result is eloquent.

As stated in the tweet, it must be said that during the 25 years separating the two opuses we went for each vehicle from 300 polygons to 500,000i.e. almost 1700 times more.

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Is in 25 years the last offspring of the license will have done the same and will display nearly 850 million polygons by car? See you in 2047 to find out.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the tv spot accompanying the game’s 2022 release.

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