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Is the Skull & Bones ship sinking some more? News @VGR


The deputy game director leaves Ubisoft and therefore leaves the project in the hands of his team. But on the side of the firm, still no news on the progress of the boat.

The long journey of the Skull & Bones caravel seems fraught with pitfalls. While the postponements are legion with many publishers, but more particularly at Ubisoft (which must also fight in the face of a “massive exodus” of its workforce), the piracy game has been sailing in the fog for several years and had a 4th postponement a few months ago.

Development seems more and more complicated and today it is the deputy game director leaving the ship. Antoine Henry announced the news on his LinkedIn. He had been working on the game since 2014 in the Singapore branch where he had served for 15 years.

Will we really see the game for the 2022 fiscal year which begins next April, as previously announced? An assistant game director is not necessarily the essential position for the smooth running of the creation, but it must be admitted that between this game in project for 8 years and the status of the other Arlésienne Beyond Good & Evil 2, the players have something to ask questions about the projects underway at Ubi …

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