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It Takes Two: one of the best co-op games of its generation


It Takes Two is an extremely successful cooperative game for Hazelight Studios, which is proud to have reached a new level.

A real breath of fresh air in the landscape, It Takes Two is a surprising and scathing cooperative game full of good ideas and creativity. Josef Fares’ software also benefits froma well conducted narration and a smart staging which has nothing to envy to the Pixar animation films. A quality soft that has met with great success.

It Takes Two counts its millions

Released on March 26, 2021, It Takes two just passed the 7 million units sold mark. An impressive figure that follows a successful, but somewhat timid start, which allowed it to sell out a little more than 2 million copies in three months.

Since its release, it must also be said that the software has raked in several awards and has made its way into the pantheon of the best games of 2021 (if not the best games in fact). With this success, It Takes Two could have the right to one (or more) live action adaptation and it is even rumored that Dwayne Johnson would be part of it.
As for the players, they are hoping for a sequel or another Josef Fares’ madness. There is no doubt that the lover of cooperative games will be back on the scene very soon.

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