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It’s confirmed, the Halo series will destroy a myth about the Master Chief


As the showrunners have claimed, the Halo series is about to reveal one of Spartan 117’s most heavily hidden secrets.

The Halo live-action series is indeed a reality and will be available from March 24 on Paramount+. In France, it is Canal + which will broadcast it in US + 24 and this, from March 25.

We will find the Master Chief accompanied by his faithful AI and friend, Cortana, facing a whole bunch of alien threats. If the first trailers unveiled lead us to believe that the adaptation will be rather faithful to the original work, the showrunners have given us a little confidence which is likely to please, or very badly, fans of the license.

One of Halo’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

It’s in the columns ofIGN that we learn the news, for the first time since the birth of the saga on Xbox, Halo will reveal the face of the legendary John Spartanaka the Master Chief.

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The argument put forward by its creators is a narrative need, to stick as well as possible to the human aspect that the turn of the story will take.

We wanted to tell the story of a character and a person. Once we really got down to it, it became apparent that viewers really had to see the person who is in the armor and under the helmet. And that’s what we’re going to show.

A brilliant idea for some, a real blasphemy for others, the decision of the screenwriters divides and they are aware of it. Nevertheless they also want to transcribe their vision and create empathy between the spectators and the Master Chief.

We absolutely respect both sidesthose who really want to see the face of the Master Chief and those who really don’t. But for this story, it was really important that we could feel connected with the Master Chief. in a completely different way, and this meant in particular to show his face

One thing is sure, this sequence and the treatment of the character will be expected at the turn. Since under its nag shooter air, Halo has a real mythology built, among other things, around the Master Chief. A true legendary icon both in the licensing universe and for players, as evidenced by the recent Halo Infinite and its main campaign loaded with revelations. So let’s wait and see what happens before we sound the alarm.

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And you, do you prefer with or without a mask? We’re obviously talking about the Master Chief, not how you’d like to shop by the end of 2022.

Source: www.ign.com

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