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Jak and Daxter soon to return to the cinema? News @VGR


Jak & Daxter back on the big screen soon? This is what the director of the film Uncharted suggests, at the controls of a new adaptation.

While the license Jak and Daxter made the heyday of the PS2, the license has long since been abandoned, much to the chagrin of fans. Never mind, the iconic duo could do a comeback in cinema.

Jak & Daxter back soon?

Ruben Fleischer, at the controls of the film Uncharted announced that they are working on an adaptation of the iconic duo who made the good days of the PS2. A statement as exciting as it is enigmatic, because it is currently impossible to know what turn the project will take.

Targeted, an animated film or series in the vein of Ratchet & Clank, or even a film mixing live action and animation like the adaptation of Sonic. In this second case, Tom Holland would undoubtedly be in favor. It remains to be seen whether this project is really new or whether Ruben Fleischer has taken over the controls of adaptation in progress since 2013 at Blockade Entertainment. Anyway, this should put some comfort in the hearts of fans, who can now hope for a resounding return to the license on PS5 as was the case for Ratchet and his sidekick. In any case, we know that Naughty Dog would not be against it.

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