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Just Cause studio worked on a cancelled Iron Man game


For two years, Avalanche Studios worked with Marvel to adapt Iron Man into a highly ambitious open world, the studio’s former founder reveals.

Marvel, which has extensively adapted its franchises to movies but also to video gamesMarvel tried for a while to ride the Iron Man wave. There was a game when the first one was released at the launch of the MCU, but it was so bad that the studio was probably cooled. Iron Man 2 in 2010 was of the same ilk, and we didn’t hear from the hero again until the attempt at a slightly better but not great VR adaptation.

An overly ambitious project with too much rush

Christofer SundbergChristofer Sundberg, former co-founder of Avalanche Studios (the company behind Just Cause), revealed today that the House of Ideas had commissioned him a game about Tony Stark in 2010, during the release of the second movie of the MCU. It was an ambitious open-world, so ambitious in fact “that it would have sunk Avalanche” reveals the former boss.

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Indeed, echoing the problems of rush that the animators of the studio denounce for several months, Marvel wanted a very fast copy and had not hesitated to ask for a massive recruitment.

It was a mess from start to finish. It was like shortened development times, increased budget, we should have hired 70 to 80 people in the team to whom I would have had the responsibility of finding a new project afterwards. But the development time was so shortened that it was impossible to do. It would have completely killed the studio if I had accepted that

After two years of discussions, Marvel finally cancelled the project, explains Sundberg in an interview with MinnMax. “The project could have been really good,” he concluded, explaining that the superhero could fly anywhere on the map, with close combat gameplay elements thanks to Iron Man’s weapons and repulsors.

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To play with the Man of Steel, you’ll have to wait for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which has been postponed indefinitely.

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