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Kangaroo Kao is back, 17 years after his last opus


Disappeared from the radar after a very confidential opus released in 2005, Kao the Kangaroo will return during the summer of 2022 on PC and new generation consoles. A first video is broadcast.

Considered by some to be the “Dreamcast Crash Bandicoot”, Kao the Kangaroo was never elevated to mascot status. Still, it was among the popular platform titles at the time of console release with a first opus in 2000 on the last SEGA console.

Ported then on GBA, the game got a sequel on PS2, Xbox and GameCube, then a PSP spin-off and finally an unknown title on PC in 2005 which definitively buried the license.

The boxer kangaroo will be back in 2022 with a reboot made by the same studio as the other editions of the series, the Polish Tate Interactive. Planned release for the coming summer on PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox and Switch consoles. We will find the kangaroo in puzzle/platform sequences, equipped with magic gloves with several powers to navigate the levels.

Kao the Kangaroo is a fun 3D platformer packed with exploration, adventure, and mystery! Join Kao, a feisty furry ball, on his quest to unlock the secrets surrounding his father’s disappearance. He will travel through lands with countless dangers, puzzles and adversaries. At each detour, he will find a new clue that will bring him a little closer to the secret world that bubbles on the surface.

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