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Kingdom Hearts 4: A Secret Message Teases the Return of an Important Character


Barely announced, Kingdom Hearts already reveals one of its secrets cleverly concealed by Tetsuya Nomura himself.

Clearly, Kingdom Hearts is determined to mark its 20th anniversary as it should. After the reveal of the fourth opus, it is downright one of its secrets that is exposed, thanks to the Japanese community.

The return of a character confirmed by a message hidden on a statue

During the 20th anniversary event of the license in Tokyo, Tetsuya Nomura decked out a statue of Sora with a message all in Japanese to thank the fans and affirm his love for the series, but not only.

A great lover of secrets and teasing a bit far-fetched, like a certain Hideo Kojima, Tetsuya told Famitsu that he had hidden a secret inside the message that no one, not even his team, had yet discovered.

Except that in less time than it took him to hide his easter egg, an army of Japanese fans solved the riddle and, after several linguistic manipulations, brought to light a cryptic message revealing the identity of one of the hooded characters visible at the end of the trailer: “The voice’s true identity is Sigurd. be very careful»

Here too, Tetsuya had teased by revealing that one of these two mysterious masked men was in fact already known to the license and so it’s Sigurd.

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An obscure character for sure, but nevertheless well and truly known to the fans sincewe meet him for the first time in the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union X. Sigurd appears there as a very mysterious characterbut there is no doubt that with Kingdom Hearts 4, many revelations will be made about it.

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