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Kingdom Hearts 4 gives some news about its story and its characters


Kingdom Heart 4 is being talked about again in Famitsu magazine and reveals new information about it.

Announced recently during an anniversary event, Kingdom Hearts 4, still published by Square Enix, remains full of mysteries and has revealed little since. However, new details have just been shared.

Kingdom Hearts will show itself under Unreal Engine 5, but we will have to wait

We learn there some clues as to events and charactersbut everything remains very nebulous and it is not about to change.

Famitsu tells us that the next time Kingdom Hearts 4 will be presented, it will run on Unreal Engine 5unlike the first trailer, but this is not yet on the agenda, as the studio wants to remain focused on development.

Besides, the screenplay will be written by three big names in the industry: Tetsuya Nomura and Masaru Okafathers of the license, as well as Akiko Ishibashi (Final Fantasy XV…) and will have a lot of connection with the mobile opus (Union X), as the recent revelation on the return of one of its key characters let us predict.

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A frame that promises to be already convoluted, with a whole history of parallel worlds influencing the design of Sora, and whose protagonists and antagonists will also be very mysterious.

  • Next time they show the game it will probably be running in UE5.
  • The fact that “Quadratum’s daughter (Nameless star)” appears in KH4 is a secret. She is originally from Verum Rex.
  • The 5 masters alongside Luxu have disappeared.
  • The Lost Masters will be an enemy faction like the Organization (Org. XIII.)
  • The script for KH4 was developed by 3 people. Nomura, Oka, and more Akiko Ishibashi
  • KH4 will be focusing on its development, so no new information is expected for some time.
  • For the time being, Kingdom Hearts 4 has no release dateor even a window, and no platform has yet been formalized.

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