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Kingdom Hearts 4: Nomura Gives New Details About the ‘New’ Sora


During an interview, the creator of the Kingdom Hearts license revealed new elements on the next installment in the saga.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the license, Square Enix gave us a very nice surprise, the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 accompanied by an explosive trailer. If the latter made people happy, it also divided a lot on the web, in particular because of the too “realistic” dimension of the new artistic direction and the new design of Sora, also much more rooted in reality. But don’t worry, everything is normal according to Tetsuya Nomura, father of the license.

A multiverse that will change our hero

As he explains in the Famitsu columns, Sora owes his new look to Quadratum, the world he seems to have stranded himself in. This universe, very anchored in reality, will act as the first part of the game and will influence Sora to the point of changing his features, hitherto known to be more “coarse” and colorful as Goofy and Donald can be. we see at the very end of the trailer.

Donald and Goofy search for Sora in the original world. All realistic looking worlds that can be seen before the title is displayed [dans la bande-annonce] are all Quadratum environments and Sora will also look realistic. But if he can go back to the original world, he will have, like Donald and Goofy, shaders [une apparence] different.

Quadratum being a realistic alternate reality, Sora will therefore see his design changed while he is there. Nomura further states that Quadratum will feature a lot of landscapes drawn from reality, such as Tokyo and its iconic districts that are Shibuya or Minami-Aoyam seen in the trailer. As for the room in which Sora seems to wake up, the latter will act as HQ throughout the first part of the game.

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Should we expect other dimensions? Will they also change Sora’s appearance? Nothing has been said yet, but the doors are open. Whatever, Quadratum will be at the heart of this new epic, at least during its first part and will certainly have some surprises in store for us.

It will therefore be necessary, as so often, to wait for new information on Kingdom Hearts 4. In addition, no date or platform have yet been revealed.

Source: www.videogameschronicle.com

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