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Kirby and the Forgotten World, one of the best launches of the series


The franchise’s best physical launch by UK figures, could Kirby and the Forgotten World become one of the best-selling Kirby games overall?

Released on March 25 on Switch, Kirby and the Forgotten World has already achieved a small record of esteem. According to figures from the GfK Institute, which tracks physical sales in the UK, the game sold more than double the franchise’s current record for a launch, which was Kirby Star Allies in 2018.

For its first weekend, Nintendo’s little pink ball is already going fifth-best franchise game in the country. Gamesindustry who shares the information recalls that these figures do not take into account digital sales, which are far superior nowadays compared to other entries in the series.

If we do not have the overall sales figure for the game for the moment, we will have to fight to do better than the historical leader, Kirby’s Dream Land on Game Boy with over 5 million copies worldwide. But maybe the Kirby Star Allies record will be brokenwhich was at 3 million at the end of 2019, a year and a half after its release.

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Source: www.gamesindustry.biz

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