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Knockout City is finally going free-to-play


Less than a year after its release, the multiplayer title from Velan Studios goes free for its new season, and frees Electronic Arts from its publisher obligations.

the dodge ball game, released to much fanfare with the help of many streamers and the Xbox Game Pass last summer, had quickly reached 5 million players. I have to say that the first levels of the game were free which had brought people together. But in the long term, the operation seems to have run out of steam and the game was very discreet. Less than a year after its release, the Velan Studios title goes completely free-to-play.

In a post, EA, the game’s publisher, announced this decision which will come into effect on the occasion of the Season 6 which will launch Year 2. The reason would be to allow many more people to be able to access the colorful and nervous world of this PvP multiplayer. The reality could be quite different too, since we learn in the process that EA abandons its responsibilities and leaves Velan alone in charge.

The other big change that will be happening in the first few seasons of Year 2 is that we (Velan Studios) will be self-publishing Knockout City! Since the day we founded our studio, we have strived to bring you, our incredible community of gamers, revolutionary new gaming experiences. We couldn’t have brought Knockout City to the world without the incredible support of EA Originals, but now that we’re moving to free-to-play, the next natural step is to take over publishing responsibilities and work even more closely with our community.

Those who purchased the paid version of Knockout City will receive a ‘Loyalty Bundle’a pack including cosmetics, XP boosts and 2000 ingame credits as a thank you.

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