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Kojima Productions soon in PlayStation Studios? News @VGR


After announcing the move of its studio and unveiling production images in Sony’s motion capture hangar, a new “clue” suggests a potential takeover.

We know it, Hideo Kojima is pretty pals with Sony, though there have been ups and downs in the Kojima Productions studio’s relationship with the PlayStation. However, players have very often hoped to officially see the creator within the internal studios of the Japanese group. Recently, Kojima recalled how important Sony was to him, by unveiling a production in progress in the brand’s motion capture warehouse.

Kojima Productions moved out of its studios recently but did not give any details on further operations. Could they be within Sony? The rumor was started as the site’s banner, which highlights all PlayStation Studios IPs, added… Sam Porter Bridgesthe hero of Death Stranding, a (temporary) PS5 exclusive.

A rumor that comes almost every year but this time takes advantage of a buying fever from big companies in the sector. Lately, everyone wants their piece of the pie, especially since Microsoft opened hostilities with Activision-Blizzard. For its part, Sony announced a lot of arrivals in PlayStation Studios in recent months, and especially the subsequent takeover of Bungie (Destiny).

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Note that the banner update also added a player from MLB The Show, a baseball game from San Diego Studio, and Horizon Forbidden West from Guerrilla Games, two other first-party studios. As a reminder, the additions of artwork from Demons Souls and Returnal had only been added at the time of the announcement of the takeover of Bluepoint and Housemarque.

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