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Kojima Productions: two games of different sizes in development


By lending himself to the 2022 wishes in the columns of Famitsu, Hideo Kojima once again announced his next projects. There will be games but also an opening to other media via the Los Angeles studio.

The Japanese magazine Famitsu was able, like every year, to interview the developers of the archipelago to know their ambitions and their future projects at the dawn of the year 2022. And among them, there was Hideo Kojima. What’s new for the creator and Kojima Productions? If the translation is really correct, two games: one “big” and another which represents a “new challenge”.

In truth, these words are the ones we read in 2020 where Kojima-san showed his desire to have multiple projects in the pipeline, with more experimental things and a different format than that of an AAA, but here, it seems to be confirmed.

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So who are the lucky ones? You can imagine that we do not yet have a clear and definitive answer, but some leads … Thus, Death Stranding 2 could be the “big game” and would therefore target at least the PS5 as a platform. For the second, we think again and again of the xCloud software with Microsoft, which would potentially be the episodic horror game refused by Stadia. In any case, it can really stick with this idea of ​​a challenge and a less “massive” experience, shall we say.

Note that he also spoke of take a step forward and meet other challenges … in other media. He alludes to the American studio dedicated to films, series and music.

Source: www.gematsu.com

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