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Kojima seems to be teasing a new project, an announcement at the Game Awards? News @VGR


In an enigmatic message as he has the gift of doing, Hideo Kojima unveiled a film set or motion capture. Teasing a new project?

In a post at the very least enigmatic on his Twitter account (obviously), the famous designer Hideo Kojima seems to tease a new project with a few words and a blurry photo of a shoot.

Recently, I revised the plan and the script, and experimented with everything else.

Several Internet Sherlocks have therefore given themselves to their hearts content to detect the first clues. Most think they recognize Norman Reedus in the background, long hair and black ankle boots. Others mostly see a sign with the response of Geoff keighley who seems to be in the know, which could therefore indicate an announcement coming to the Game Awards in December.

More generally, this photo of a shoot comes at the right time, a few days after the announcement of the launch of a film / TV studio within Kojima Productions. We also knew that Kojima-san was perfect motion capture with his new studio.

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What’s more, that’s good, the Abandoned app is coming very soon too. No, there’s no connection, it was just to say …

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