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Krafton (PUBG) is recruiting again for a new AAA


The studio behind PUBG is recruiting for an unannounced AAA project, arguably an action game that will at least be released on PC.

A few days after announcing the move to free-to-play of its very popular Battle Royale PUBG, Krafton seems to be already at work on a completely different project. Well, “new” is not so sure.

Indeed, the next productions of the group are generally oriented on the universe of PUBG for the moment: The Callisto Protocol will be released in 2022, PUBG New State has just landed on mobiles, and other rumors announce titles in the same lore (Project Titan, Project Cowboy …) Only Thunder Tier One, last week, is a true original creation.

On the studio’s hiring site, we also discover an unannounced AAA PC game that recruits. It is attributed a development under Unreal Engine of last generation (4 or 5), elements of action (FPS or TPS) or narrative adventure, and the candidates must have an “affinity for shooters”. Nothing better to eat for the moment.

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A link with the countless other studio projects leaked last June?

Source: exputer.com

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