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Layers of Fear 3 is announced on video and under Unreal Engine 5


Failing to create a surprise with a new Silent Hill game, Bloober Team presents us with the 3rd episode of its horrifying license, the aptly named Layers of Fears.

Since Blair Witch and the Medium, Bloober Team has been on the rise and has become something of a “bankable” studio in the survival horror genre. But in addition to third-party projects, developers also have more personal games, such as Layers of Fears, the third installment of their favorite license.

No Silent Hill but a new Layers of Fear

If we are to believe the trailer, the app will once again plunge us into the nightmarish delirium of an artist in distress. Mixture of pure horror and psychological thriller, Layers of Fears intends to turn our brains around and play with us with the help of a licked artistic direction.

In addition, the software will run entirely under Unreal Engine 5 and will offer superb graphics in 4K HDR and will also use Ray Tracing to embellish its light effects and reflections.

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If there is no specific date yet, Layers of Fears is expected on PS5, Xbox Series and PC in early 2023.

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