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Lazy to work! Construction Simulator returns


A fourth installment announced for the biggest site management game, a title that promises to be reviewed and improved, but also more realistic, for September on PC and consoles.

The successor to the hugely popular series Building Simulator d’Astragon is now announced on PCs and consoles for 2022. True to its slogan “GET TO WORK” (“At work and schnell!”), the game will offer you to take control of all construction equipment, accessories and work clothes officially licensed by 25 different brands.

We’re not going to hide it, it’s a German simulation game that I love. Stalled at September 20 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox SeriesConstruction Simulator 4 (simply titled Building Simulator) announces improved gameplay with an open world featuring the dynamic day/night cycle, a completely revised mission system, two gigantic maps in Europe and the USA, and revised and improved graphics (no doubt about it, the difference is clear).

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A multi cooperative mode up to 4 players is also offered, which will allow loads of soulless streamers to make lives to mock the game without knowing that it is a pure reference (you can screen that and bring it out in September). The publisher announces two versions with pre-order bonuses in addition to the standard: a Day One in physical version only and at the same price, and an Extended Edition in digital (at -10%).

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