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Legacy of Thieves Collection approaching? News @JVL


It is now the turn of the American organization ESRB to list the game planned for PC and PS5. The release, at least on console, should not be long.

One more and less. It is now the turn of the American classification body, the ESRB, to officially classify Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, a compilation announced last September for a PC and PS5 output.

A few days ago, the Australian counterpart at the ESRB had already given its recommendations to the game, without specifying a release date. Korean office had also given his opinion.

None of them showed any information on the calendar. That said, with additions in South Korea, Australia and the US, a release date could be announced soon by Sony.

As a reminder, the game is expected for early 2022 and the GeForce Now leak had leaked the February 7, 2022 on PC. So far, many games on the run have been confirmed despite the usual denials. Sony having specified that the PC version would be released “shortly after” the PS5 version, it should therefore not be delayed.

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By the way, the classification of the ESRB allows to have a confirmation on the contents of this box:

This is a collection of two action-adventure games from the Uncharted franchise. Players take on the role of Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazier, explorers in search of valuable artifacts while fending off malicious rivals.

Source: thegamepost.com

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