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LEGO Brawls shows up again


The LEGO brawler was dated for this summer of 2022 as soon as it was announced. Now, he is coming back to us to provide some details about him.

First intended for the mobile public, the Smash Bros with sauce LEGO will show on consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch) and PC from the end of this summer 2022. There is still no precise date, but its publisher Bandai Namco is now communicating some details that may have been missing from the announcement.

Fighters created according to your craziest desires

LEGO requires, the quickdraw of your fighter is your responsibility. As you progress, you can acquire new items to customize it, whether simple cosmetics or items used to assign powers. Once this is done, you will take your character to explore various arenas, obviously inspired by the universes created by the Danish franchise. And, like the game nintendo from which it takes its source, the fights that will take place there will see its participants equip themselves with a whole bunch of objects (chopsticks, pie cannons, boomboxes, rocket fists, etc.) who will be available.

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Online or local multiplayer

Logically wanting to be a family game, but also entertainment for any fan of small bricks, LEGO Brawls will notably offer a local multiplayer experience. The Switch and Xbox can accommodate up to 8 players. PlayStations can count on the presence of up to 4 players. And, when it comes to online modes, up to 8 participants will be invited to compete. Teams of up to 4 users can also be created.

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