Home News LEGO is now taking on Overwatch 2

LEGO is now taking on Overwatch 2


After Sonic and Mario, it’s now Overwatch 2 that lands at Lego. Clearly, video game licenses are on the rise right now.

Lovers of small colorful briquettes will be delighted, since after Mario and more recently Sonic, Overwatch 2 is entitled to its featuring with LEGO.

The info had already leaked some time ago, but there it is formalized via the Italian catalog and with a release window set in February 2022 bonus.

It’s the 76980 Titan, a mech seen in the game’s trailer, along with Mei and Tracer who were chosen. for this construction of more than 900 parts. Price level, we would approach the standards, with a price of around 80 €.

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