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Little Cities, the other VR city builder of the month for April


The creator of cozy virtual reality towns from Purple Yonder Games has also chosen to release this month on Quest.

Because in this month of April, the city ​​builder in virtual reality will be trendy, it will not be necessary to count only on Cities: VR, but also on Little Cities which will be launched on April 21, 2022 on quests 1 and 2.

Highly comparable and compared, the games of Fast Travel Games and Purple Yonder Games have therefore decided to compete even more by releasing almost at the same time, with a small advantage for Little Cities which will be available a week before. But Cities: VR can claim direct descent from Cities: Skylines, one of the best-selling games of 2020 on Steam. Ball in the center.

Published by nDreams, Little Cities, which presents itself as a creator of cozy townsseems to want to play it relax and relaxed through a full campaign where to build sprawling cities on multiple themed islands.

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You will for example be entitled, as shown in the last trailer for the game above, to volcanic islands with the risk of eruption that accompanies them. But you can also build in desert areas or in archipelagos requiring a whole network of bridges.

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