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Little Goody Two Shoes, a horrific fairy tale from Square Enix


Square Enix’s independent label announces Little Goody Two Shoes, a mystery adventure game based on a children’s story.

Square Enix Collective announces Little Goody Two Shoes, a fairy-tale horror adventure game with no release date or support yet. Inspired by a children’s story (The story of the little Goody Two?Shoes), this interactive fable will be transcribed in a anime-style title, between JDR and adventure at AstralShift, an indie team specialized in cinematic games.

Little Goody Two Shoes will also be a tribute to the RPGs of the early PlayStation and PS2Square Enix explains. The boss of the Portuguese creative studio mentions Legend of Mana as a source of inspiration.

The game takes place in the mysterious village of Kieferberg, and follows the adventures of Elise, an ambitious young girl determined to become rich and escape her modest life. As Elise, players will find themselves immersed in a 90s-inspired role-playing and horror adventure. Gameplay elements such as “Sustenance”, “Reputation & Suspicion” and “Exploration & Narrative” will guide players through daily tasks to be completed by day, and then through the forest’s most sinister secrets to be discovered by night. They’ll also be able to chart their own paths to explore the evil forest, solve puzzles and forge deep connections in this gloomy adventure.

The game will be published by Square Enix Collective, a label of the studio dedicated to small independent projects. More information will be revealed soon.

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