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Live A Live: two new videos for the Square Enix remake


Presented at the last Nintendo Direct, Square Enix’s JRPG now offers new videos offering glimpses of two of the eras that we will have to cross.

Only released in Japan in 1994, Live A Live will finally satisfy gamers around the world shortly through a remake in HD-2D – a graphic style that was notably borrowed by Octopath Traveler. The game, considered a classic, is nonetheless a curiosity for most of us. And if he has already had the opportunity to show himself during his announcement at the Nintendo Direct in February 2022, he now reiterates to present his, or rather, his universes to us.

Prehistory and Imperial China

Indeed, it is not a single era but seven that the title of Square Enix will offer during its adventure. Periods to which we are now introduced in view of its upcoming release expected on next July 22 on nintendo-switch.

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The first video released by nintendo takes us in the middle of prehistory to meet a man named Pogo. The various characters who swarm inside this temporal fringe do not really emit words. So, no intelligible word dialogue regarding this scenario, only onomatopoeia.

In the second presentation, we are propelled into imperial china alongside Shifu, a martial arts master looking for a successor.

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