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Live my life of Samy Naceri in Taxi Life


If your dream is to have a flourishing cab company, and travel an open world in your car, Nacon unveils the game made for you.

Although not an obscure German studio as I love it, NACON has a whole range of simulations called “Life” which is full of nuggets. The French studio, along with developer Simteract, today unveiled the game Cab Lifea simulator very close to another title edited and developed by the same actors, Train Life: A Railway Simulator.

Barcelona in open world

Much less hard sim than some reference titles such as Euro Truck Simulator and consorts, Taxi Life puts you in the shoes of a personal transportation company manager. In a open world reproducing Barcelonayou can evolve in the mythical districts of the most beautiful city of Spain (shhh, no debate) and admire more than 200 points of interest (buildings, museums, parks or sculptures) “faithfully reproduced” during your races

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The game benefits from the technologies traffic AI and procedural generation technologies already encountered in Train Lifea title known for its intuitive and accessible gameplay, and a good management aspect on a huge map. Cab Life will be available on consoles and PC between tomorrow and 2072, with early access to be announced soon. It looks like this is simply the localized version of Urban Venture, an identical game scheduled for late 2022.

If you were triggered by the title in homage to a movie set in Marseille + a picture of a Parisian cab, you’re a high-level sociopath, and I like that.

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