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Lollipop Chainsaw: censorship, realistic graphics… Yasuda speaks out


Since the announcement, many fans have been asking questions about the changes the remake will bring, especially regarding the story and art direction. We finally have a clear answer.

Lollipop Chainsaw will have the right to its remake, this crazy title released in 2012 will be remade for 2023. And if the software will have a part of its original team (without Suda51 and James Gunn unfortunately), everything else is bound to take a fresh blow. From the OST to the graphics, from the story to the gameplay. At least, that’s what we thought.

More a remaster than a remake?

At the time of the announcement, a majority of fans stopped on the possible changes related to the story and the graphics announced as “more realistic”. Lollipop Chainsaw is known for its Z-series story, as well as its colorful cel shading art direction, full of nods to the comic book universe.

It’s to answer all his questions that Yoshimi Yasuda, the head of Dragami Games, wrote a long post.

We learn that the game will be completely identicalor almost, and that the studio aims rather the remaster than the remake. The border between the two is thin, but nevertheless quite visible. A remake has, originally, for goal to offer a second youth has titles aging by adding various improvements that it is on the visual, the interface, the gameplay or still (sometimes) on the history and the setting. The remaster on the other hand, is a slightly smoothed port (which sometimes offers a graphical overhaul, but without any other major changes)

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Here not, Dragami Games admits that if it could have had the full licenses to use the OST in its entirety, it would have opted for the pure and simple remasterbut as it is not the case, the studio seeks to make a remake very close to a remaster (the famous remakaster – trademark)

The main goal of the remake project is to make it easy for players who want to play Lollipop Chainsaw to do so, not to create a new game. Of course, the ideal would be to make a remastered version of the original game, without changing anything. However, we unfortunately could not include 16 of the licensed songs, which were a big part of the atmosphere of the original game, and so we are aiming for a remake that is as close to a remaster as possible.

Lollipop Chainsaw as in 2012, or almost

So, should we expect big changes? It seems not. Lollipop Chainsaw will indeed have a new look and a new OST, but it will keep (a priori) everything else.
Its artistic direction will remain intact, as will the story. It remains to be seen whether the studio will modernize all this, notably with a finer staging and a richer gameplay. We could even hope for longer levels, or even new content. What we expect from a remake.

We have noted that there has been speculation that the remake will change the story. We think the story of Lollipop Chainsaw is a big part of what fans love about the original game, and we feel the same way. As such, the story will not be changed in the remake.
Also, we do not intend to change the aesthetics of the game.
The mention of how the game will look more realistic in the previous announcement was intended to refer to how we will use the advanced rendering technology available on current game consoles.

A censored Lollipop Chainsaw?

On the other hand, the studio is much less sure about the possibility to look under Juliet’s skirt censorship. Dragami announces that he will do his best to keep the game in its original state, but that it is not only up to him.

We learned after the Lollipop Chainsaw remake was announced that many fans were concerned about censorship in the game.

We haven’t discussed the issue with the platform holders yet, so we can’t say anything about it, but what we can say is that we intend to negotiate to make the game as close to the original version as possible.

Although far from abused, Lollipop Chainsaw features an ultra sexualized young woman and yet barely out of adolescence. Shots on the buttocks, the chest, teasing positions, gravelly humor and mimics a bit teasing, Juliet assumes fully, plays with her sex appeal and we laugh. But if it did not disturb more than that in 2012, it is not sure that all passes 10 years later. On the contrary, we can find much worse in current productions, so good. Wait and see.

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