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London Hippodrome Casino goes cashless


At the moment, cashless payment solutions are in fashion in the world of land-based casinos, just about everywhere in the world. More and more casinos are going cashless in Las Vegas, among others (see article below).

This is also the case in Europe for example. We have just had an additional proof. The prestigious Hippodrome Casino in London recently signed a partnership agreement with Trust Payments.

Under the terms of the agreement, the latter group will provide cashless payment solutions to the largest gaming establishment in the British capital.

This will allow its customers to pay via a mobile application.

A solution deployed as early as December 2022

Starting this December, the Trust Payments group will begin deploying its cashless mobile payment solution at the London Hippodrome Casino. The solution will be available for use by players at all points of sale on all floors of the famous complex.

Payments will be processed by TRU Connect, a proprietary solution developed by Trust Payments. This will allow the resort’s customers to pay easily using Google Pay or Apple Pay.

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Trust Payments and Hippodrome Casino thrilled with partnership

The agreement that interests us in today’s news was made possible by Qubzo Limited. Indeed, the London Hippodrome Casino turned to this British payment consulting company to determine the best partner for what the complex wants to offer. After an analysis of the various providers on the market, they suggested the Trust Payments Group.

The commercial director of the latter (Jonathan O’Connor) was delighted with this rapprochement, which will allow players to exchange chips without handling cash to offer an even simpler and more transparent experience.

For his part, Hippodrome Casino’s Director of Gaming (George Constantinou) says he is looking forward to working with Trust Payments on this project, which comes just in time to celebrate the complex’s tenth anniversary. It will further modernize its payment options while maintaining its current commitment to security.

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Hippodrome Casino: the UK’s largest resort well known to online players

It is in the heart of Leicester Square in London that the Hippodrome Casino opened its doors, during the year 2012, in place of the former Hippodrome Theatre to become what it still is at this moment, namely the largest gaming complex in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it offers no less than 5 floors dedicated to gaming with more than 100 slot machines and tables for roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps among others.

Hippodrome Casino is also well known to players on the web. Indeed, the Evolution software offers a live table where the games are filmed live from its gaming room. It is available on the excellent online casino Dublin Bet.

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