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Loop Hero’s studio encourages Russian gamers to hack its game


The Russian market being hit hard by sanctions from the international scene, the developer of Loop Hero encourages players to pirate its title.

The sanctions targeting Russia go from all sides: Sony has restricted the possibility of touching its products (and GT7 in particular), Microsoft the same or even Twitch which has put a brake on payments from streamers in the region.

As a result of these numerous measures, Russian gamers cannot access the titles of their choice through traditional methods. They therefore have only one recourse: to go through less legal channels. A solution backed and incentivized by Loop Hero developer, Four Quarters.

A position encouraged by the publisher, Delvolver

The studio, which notably recalled in a communicated to be opposed to the war, was supported by his publisher in his statements. Here is what was said by Devolver Digital in the columns of gaming pc:

Devolver Digital fully supports Four Quarters in this particularly difficult time. We have been in constant communication with the team to assist them where possible and have been alerted to the statement in advance, which we support 100%.

The Russian studio has also received several donation offers which it has declined, stating “that he was not in need” and that it would be wiser for donors to give this amount “to their own families and friends”.

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A disinterested action therefore which aims to satisfy the players, and above all, to disseminate their creation.

Source: www.eurogamer.net

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