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Loopmancer targets its release date


Side-scrolling roguelite action game Loopmancer has just unveiled its stunning launch trailer.

The Chinese studio eBrain Studio presents the latest trailer for his game Loopmancer, a cyberpunk roguelite-leaning action title.

Futuristic China and the Time Loop Don’t Mix

The software transports us to a futuristic China and invites us to embody the freshly murdered private detective Xiang Zixu during its investigation into the disappearance of a famous journalist. As he wakes up the day after his death, he finds that the time resets each time he passes the weapon to the left. Determined to continue and complete his investigation, he must succeed in unraveling the mystery of his own murder and his constant reincarnation.

Our investigation will force us to face cyborgs, deformed mutants and other gangsters in hair-raising slow-motion battles. In addition to our weapons, we will havecybernetic enhancements in order to clean the streets of these evildoers who are poisoning this city.

“Demo players will experience a variety of gameplay improvements on their journey back to Dragon City, including the ability to start new death loops from Longxi Town.” […] “Protagonist Xiang’s lethal arsenal has been expanded to include a variety of never-before-seen weapons and superpowers. New enemy groups, the Black Tiger Corps and the Kouga Industry Ninjas, have joined the fray. Players can also enjoy a number of technical enhancements such as improved graphics, animation optimizations, Nvidia RTX and NIS integration, and more.”
eBrain Studio in a press release

The game also offers us 7 sprawling and dangerous levels to rake and various side quests to solve. Each clue, randomly generated, and the decisions we make will bring us closer to one of the 7 purposes offered by the software.

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Loopmancer will be available from July 13 on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Source: www.gematsu.com

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