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Lost Ark: 5 minutes of gameplay within a month of its release


A full month from its release in Europe, Lost Ark is revealed for five minutes with an introductory video to the gameplay of this free MMORPG published by Amazon.

New Amazon MMORPG (no, it’s not New World suddenly) will be released in Europe February 11, 2022. A full month from its arrival on our servers, the free to play presents itself with a new introductory video to 5 minute gameplay.

The studio takes the opportunity to explain to everyone how to use the five classes and evolve in the region of Archésia. You will also be able to see a preview of the fights of Lost Ark against the bosses in raids and in PvP arenas in 3v3. The game has the advantage of having been a great success for almost 4 years on the other side of the world and therefore arrives with an already successful version.

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If you want to know more, we invite you to read the closed beta testing published by our colleagues of Eclypsia.

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