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Lovecraftian The Shore VR is coming to Steam and HTC Vive


A year after the basic version was released on PC, independent developer Ares Dragonis unveils The Shore VR, a horrific investigation game set in the Cthulhu universe.

The Shore adventure game, released on PC in February 2021, just arrived this weekend on Steam and HTC Vive in a VR version. The Horror Adventure Title is an independent one-man project, Ares Dragonis. Very well received on its release, it now puts you in the shoes of another character, Brandon, 8 months after the events of the game. The player works on the same island as in The Shore, and his family is connected to a secret cult who tries to recruit him through a series of trials.

The game borrows from the work of HP Lovecraft, Call of Cthulhu and this cult also venerates the horrific Nyarlathotep, on an island built on the ashes of the ancient city of R’lyeh.

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On the occasion of this outing, a bundle including the two games is offered at -40% or € 15.58 for both, barely cheaper than the VR game alone, at € 15.99. If you own the base game, the VR version is also available at -40%. The developer also adds that he plans to many additional content in this edition in the coming weeks with patch updates. A major update is also planned for the base game.

Finally, another game is being created, Eresys, also inspired by the Lovecraftian atmosphere, and playable in a 4-person coop. The project will soon be launched on Kickstarter …

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