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Luna Abyss, a futuristic action game, is announced


Bonsai Collective has announced Luna Abyss, a futuristic action game that will be coming to PlayStation and Xbox as well as PC.

Bonsai Collective announces, throughIGN, Luna Abyss. A first person narrative action-adventure game which will send the players in the skin of a prisoner. He is sent to an artificial moon called Luna where he is tasked with probing the abyss in order to get his hands on a forgotten technology. However, he will have to deal with an additional difficulty, and not the least. Creatures, described as “cosmic horrors”will come to challenge him.

For now, about this game just revealed and currently in development, we will just have to be satisfied with the small trailer serving the needs of the revelation as well as the small description that the Steam page offers. Nevertheless, it seems that, according to the words shared, Luna Abyss wants to offer an adventure punctuated by “breathtaking” action phases.

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We’ll know more in the coming months. And, perhaps, when the studio communicates again, we’ll have a date to look forward to as well as the specific names of the targeted platforms. For the moment, the game is only planned for PlayStation, Xbox and PCwithout any precision on the generations of consoles concerned.

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